The Rooftop Bar & Restaurant continues its “Music on the Roof” series on the 15th of June with “when we fall in love” – Unforgettable songs from Ho Ngoc Ha and Thanh Bui !!

This show is going to be one of our series the most exciting musical performance yet with the combination of spectacular dancing and performance by the two talented singers. Ho Ngoc Ha has fascinated music lovers with her deep and amazing vocals, whilst the warm and sweet voice of TOP 8 AUSTRALIAN IDOL, singer Thanh Bui will surely wow the audience. The performance will be accompanied and arranged by none other than Huy Tuan (composer and producer of Vietnam Idol) and with the number one live band: Anh Em.
Time: 8.30 PM June 15, 2011
Don't miss this rare opportunity to watch this amazing performance with the R&B and Dance music up close and personal like only what the Rooftop can deliver .
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